The Poietic Oracles
Catherine Gil Alcala

Art Installation with double-sided original cards containing original drawings and poems, and Performance in which I record the public reading the poems on the back of the cards, in order to create a soundtrack that can then be listened to freely in the exhibition.

Hairy monsters rehash haggard hymns,

a thousand garbage’s teeth-chattering !

That one drinks all her money and makes mouthwash with whisky…

A seismic tremor rolls up the skin of the potatoes.

Vegetable on its seat in the middle of the symbiotic disorder…

A glass of milk in his shoe,

a man sends messages in morse code

to the sleepers in their stone cots.

A kind of stuffed marmot in the dream that gets tangled,

an emotional beast licks the honey of the immortal light.

Myriads of bloody daimons descend from Uranus,

fighting with spears.

The bewildered innocents draw with chalk the trajectories

of the intersecting stars.

The drawing catches fire and burns the stony eyes…

The last sibyl mocks with a paradoxical and illuminated smile.

Venus spits an asp on the star of giants.

Boos erupts in the void at the scarlet embrace of furies and leopards.

A black spell speaks in the excavation of the opera house,

the Taoist score, written on bones,

hangs from the ceiling above a Javanese cockfight.

Billions rain-drops in the eyes of the sky,
three spiders dance in the hereafter,
Ascetics have lunch a few almonds,
a lady comes, she is naked,
and a satyr brings to the table a rotten tangerine,
some peeled fruits,
a bunch of parsley,
and a blood-dripping sponge.

Victorious wails resound in the opalescent cage of birth.

The Apis ox falls from the clouds,

clothed in aerial veils.